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Scandals, Coverups, and the Department of Veterans Affairs

To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”

Abraham Lincoln

March 4, 1865

abe  On June 23, 2014, the Office of Special Counsel published a notice to the President outlining the serious, dangerous, and illegal patient care conditions that our veterans have been subjected.  A copy of the letter is here.

We learned today that the Department of Veterans Affairs used these clever tricks to conceal the true status of patient care of various VA Medical Centers:


  • Jackson (MI) VA Medical Center developed “ghost clinics” to hide true wait times from overseers.  The scheme was that the VA would scheduled for appointments in clinics with no assigned provider, making the veteran wait for unreasonable lengths of time, and then hoping that the veteran gets frustrated and just leaves the facility.
  • Failing to examine a veteran with a 100% service-connected psychiatric condition for a period of over seven years.
  • Firing patient care schedulers who refused to participate in the VA’s scheme.
  • Failing to sterilize medical equipment at a Buffalo center.
  • Failing to have life saving equipment available when needed.
  • Failing to properly credential surgeons.

These conditions are deplorable and do not reflect President Lincoln’s dream that we should care for those who have borne the battle and his widow, and his orphan.  With allegations like these, the VA cannot be trusted to examine it’s own affairs; in fact, they have done so previously and simply claimed that no adverse affects were noted.

The solution here is simple: a special prosecutor should be appointed.  This problem should be investigated until all those who perpetrate these crimes against out veterans have been ousted. The likelihood of that happening is essentially zero so you must protect yourselves and your loved ones.  Do not accept substandard care.  Do not accept delay.  Demand that you be heard and demand that you receive the medical care that you earned.

This post was not how I intended on making this site’s debut but the story shocked me as I listened to the evening news and I thought further scrutiny needed to be brought to this issue.  Fear not, most our of discussions with be on the substance of presenting VA claims.

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