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At Least the VA Dentists Aren’t Wrapped up in the Scandals… Or are they?

Dentist Anyone?

With all the VA shenanigans going on, we rested easy knowing that the dentists were above scrutiny.  They’d have to be because we all know that people love dentists just as much as they love their undertaker or lawyer.  Well folks, we were wrong.

It looks like KHON2 out of Honolulu is breaking a major story coming out of Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center.  According to the story, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is stating that 20 patients may have been exposed to deadly viruses such as Hepatitis.  This occurred because dental equipment was not properly sterilized.  Apparently, the VA Medical Center sends directly equipment to the adjacent Army Medical Center which then cleans the equipment.

The VA has attempted to downplay the situation by claiming that the incident was only the result of missing a single load of dental equipment.

The VA’s response has been to issue a formal apology and are offering free Hep-B, Hep-C, and HIV testing for all patients at their facility.   I really question whether this is enough or appropriate.

You know that cleaning your equipment, such as your rifle, is paramount.  If your equipment isn’t clean then it doesn’t work.  Here, the VA didn’t bother to clean their equipment, have possibly exposed people to deadly diseases, and all they can say is I’m sorry and how about a Hep and HIV screen?  Disgraceful.  I’ll refer the VA back to my very first blog comment here at the Veterans Law Blog: it’s time for  a special prosecutor.

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